One in four Windows 7 PC run out of date anti-malware

MSDN: One of the things we talk quite a bit about with Windows 8 is making sure Windows is a safe, secure, and reliable computing environment. We have always provided a broad range of solutions for achieving these goals and work closely with a broad range of industry partners. We continue to enhance these capabilities…

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September 16, 2011 | by

Microsoft To Improve File Management Processes In Windows 8

Windows 8 News Blog: The recently created Building Windows 8 blog seems to be up in full swing, with new articles about the upcoming operating system being released regularly. Steven Sinofsky revealed in “Improving our file management basics: copy, move, rename, and delete” that Microsoft intents to improve file management processes under Windows 8. According…

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August 25, 2011 | by

Leaked: Windows 8 build 7910 screenshots

TechSpot Wrote: A few new Windows 8 user interface screenshots have leaked. Windows 8 build 7910 is part of the Milestone 2 branch, so we’re not seeing the latest, but it is rather interesting that it took just eight minutes to install, approximately 2.5 times faster than Windows 7. You have to thank the Chinese…

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March 6, 2011 | by

Microsoft CEO: next Windows release is "riskiest product bet"

Windows 7 might be selling like hotcakes but that’s only going to make it even harder for Microsoft to top. When asked about the riskiest product bet that the software giant is currently developing, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer answered “the next release of Windows” without so much as a second of hesitation. Unfortunately, his interviewers…

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October 24, 2010 | by